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Thalhofer On Location In Istanbul

Florian Thalhofer, Berlin-based media artist, CINER-G collaborator, and inventor of the Korsakow system, is on location in Istanbul for the month of April where he is video blogging and composing his next K-film, A Bridge In Istanbul. In association with ARTE Television and the ‘Istanbul – A cultural meeting place’ project, Florian is filming from the Galata Bridge, where he is capturing the cultural memory of this important crossing that spans the Golden Horn. In celebration of Istanbul as the 2010 European cultural capital, the vlog captures the stories, anecdotes and reflections on the significance of the Galata Bridge as central monument and symbol of the city.

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Videos, photos and commentary are available in on the vlog site in French and German. Florian will also create a “Director’s cut” of his K-film, a linear version that will include parallel storylines and anecdotes, to be televised by ARTE. The web site for the project will also include opportunities for users to upload their own videos and stories of Istanbul to create a crowdsourced-film and contribute to the celebration of this vibrant city’s cultural heritage and daily life.