The Core Team

Proof in Process comprises two University researchers from the Faculty of Arts & Science at Concordia who are currently engaged in funded projects.

Dr. Matt Soar, Department of Communication Studies, is Principal Investigator on this program of research/creation and his primary focus from 2011–14 will be to oversee the strategic and administrative development of Korsakow. He has a professional background in graphic design and advertising, and holds MA and PhD degrees in Communication. He has been instrumental in Intermedia production in his department, and has an active research/creation agenda in database documentary storytelling. He is the creator of Almost Architecture (2007), an online, Korsakow-based interactive film about highrise signs in Montréal.

Dr. Monika Kin Gagnon, Department of Communication Studies, has published extensively on the intersections between race, art, and cultural politics in her books, Other Conundrums: Race, Culture and Canadian Art (2000) and 13 Conversations About Art and Cultural Race Politics (2002), co-authored with Toronto video artist, Richard Fung. Her SSHRC-funded Research/Creation project, “Archiving R-69” explores cultural memory, film and archives. Dr. Gagnon is involved in a separate team effort to address some of the single- and multi-channel experimental films created for Expo ‘67.

Department of Communication Studies, Concordia University, Montréal